LED 3D patterns

Does anyone have a good free source for some cool LED 3D patterns? I’ve done a few searches and all I find are people selling the same ones over and over.

I have bought several from 3D Bee Studio and have been very happy with them. Oops, just noticed you said free. But the ones I got were very inexpensive, like $1 each.


Thanks @cynd11. I’m not opposed to buying. I just see people on FB selling the same hundreds at a time and figured they got they somewhere free.

I’ll check it out.

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Just checked them out & got a few…


I design my own.
If I am selling something, I use my own design work.
If I am using somebody’s design, it is for myself or for a gift. It is a one-off, usually.
If I use a free design for a load of gifts (valentines or all the birthday parties my kids attended for a year,) then I find a way to tip the artist.
I like LED signs, and they sell. So I design them. I am slow, and I am not really good yet; but I am improving and finding my style.


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