LED Acrylic Table Number

Another project forged!!!

I got asked if I could make some table numbers for an event, so here they are.

I used Clear Acrylic PG and went with the standard GF PG pews/zooms. To connect the floating number to the rest of the acrylic, I used a beaded chain like those found on nail clippers. I could later use something with a little more class, like a silver ring. As for the base, I used the following Touch LED base since I needed something that could be battery powered. I really loved this base since it changes to several colors and has an option to cycle between all of the colors all with the touch of your finger!




I found a similar base that is readily available in Prime for those who can’t wait weeks without it.


The link to the base on Amazon show currently unavailable. :worried:

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Perfectly lovely! Several of us on here have used those same bases and would sure agree, they are very fun. Nice job!


Lights have an added bonus if the event hall is dim.
Color code the different table numbers.


Having that dynamic element wins the day! Great idea to be able to customize each without having to do a whole decoration.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try to update the link with a readily available part.

Those go out of stock all the time – they must be pretty popular.

A very elegant design for the tables!

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Gosh, it looks great! I like the addition of the number dangling from a chain.

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