LED base acrylic mod

I purchased a few of the led bases from aliexpress. No I did not get the fancy ones with remotes I wanted to keep it simple and plus that just something else to lose. Now the power button on the front is not a push button but its capacitive so your body completes the circuit ( im guessing ) anyhoo it was not really working that well so I came up with a mod that pretty easy to do if your having the same issue . Now I soldered mine but im sure hot glue would work just as well . youtube link below. if you have any questions please let me know


Cool! I think I have one of those bases. Although at this point in time it’s not giving me any trouble, it’s nice to know there’s a mod that fixes it if I should need it. Thanks!

I think I used eBay to get mine. They seemed to work pretty well. Thailand? It’s been a long time.