LED Christmas Tree

I finally got around to finishing up my LED Christmas tree. I had purchased the parts last year but never assembled it. I was going to 3D print a frame work for the rings, but now that I have the GF, it made more sense to laser cut it.

I also have a video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHWQvgLXzgE

Source code for the LEDs is here: https://github.com/twforeman/xmas-tree

I’ll add my SVG to the source code shortly. The box is a little loose, but it does go together.


Looking forward to the SVG file. I have a few sets of these rings I got last year, and would like to make them into this tree for this year. Thanks for sharing this, very cool!

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The SVG has been added to the Git repo.

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I just noticed that 2 minutes after I posted the above message! (facepalm).
Again, thanks so much!

No worries, I was probably adding it when you were posting. :slight_smile:

The paths are not really optimized in the SVG so it jumps around a bit when cutting.

I made mine out of PG draft board.

That is not at all what I thought I was going to see when I clicked on the title (I was thinking edge lit). This tree is way cooler! Sort of a Vegas tree. The color changing is mesmerizing. Nice job!

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I made one of these today using your files, but I converted the code over to work on a Propeller microcontroller board I had ( didn’t have any arduino’s handy). It looks pretty much identical to yours (used PG Draft board). The main exception is my wiring, it’s all larger colored wires that were already on the rings. I ordered some enameled magnet wire to use to clean that up. I think I might redo the tree part in green acrylic, and maybe walnut ply for the box base.

Thanks again for sharing everything!

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How unique! :grinning:

I ended up cutting the tree part out of some green dyed birch ply I had. Here’s a picture of my current version. LEDs are off so you can see the wood.


Fun project!