LED Edge-lit Guitar


My husband has a friend retiring next month … and he wanted to send him off with something for his music room at home. Proofgrade Thick Clear Acrylic on a base from Amazon. The guitar was purchased from Dreamstime.

The picture doesn’t do it justice as it was still so light in the house.

Used a base from Amazon … and @PrintToLaser … thank you for the settings of Full / 905 / 340 to make the perfect fit for the engraving on the lower part!


Rock on! :sunglasses::+1:


I LOVE this! He will be tickled with such a lovely gift.


My pleasure. :sunglasses:
Glad you found it useful, I spent some time sneaking up on the settings for that.

Great gift! I really like the thick acrylic, the edges light up and frame it, I also like how the acrylic overlaps the slot on both sides.


What a wonderful gift! I didn’t know you could light something that tall—it came out great!


Yes, I think the overlap gives a very nice … and professional finish. The thick acrylic does give a lot of wow!


So the acrylic is thicker than the slot? And you just engraved the piece that slides into it? I have a piece of the guided light acrylic from inventables and was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it work with that same base from amazon.

Fantastic work!


Yes, the bottom edge was engraved on both sides using the settings above (settings courtesy of @PrintToLaser ). Another indication that there is always another way to do something!


Thanks! I screengrabbed the settings and when my glowforge arrives I’ll try it out. Thank you!


Yes, just register the piece of acrylic you cut the design from on the tray so it can’t move, and you just flip the cutout in the hole it was cut from to engrave the other side.


Turned out great! I really like the clarity in this piece!