LED edge lit - Halloween edition

Since I had the files on my computer, I thought why not laser it on everything. As I was setting up the design I had an epiphany, why not make the shape a shape too. Super happy with the result, you could do a lot with this extra dimension.


Oh yeah! Perfect blend of engraving and cut outline.


Okay, this just makes me happy. The image is perfect and the cut-out is too good. Thanks for sharing this!


Excellent! What a great idea to combine engrave and cut!

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Art man. :heart_eyes: The conveyance of spirit by means of matter.


Wow … So striking!

Made another one tonight. Remixing previous pieces.

You can make out the creases in the poster.


That was a favorite! :slightly_smiling_face:

Even better. Always loved that one.

These look great! What thickness acrylic did you use and your source for the led base? I’ve been having to draft engrave the bottom inserts of my acrylic so they would fit :confused:

I am using proofgrade medium clear acrylic. Too bad I can’t get a referral for proofgrde materials I like making these bases.

I can’t find it in my amazon orders, so I am not sure where I got it. Banggood, DHgate, alibaba, ebay? But this is the box…

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Ooooo, I really like that one.

That’s what I do. Otherwise I used to use a thinner acrylic but then had to shim the slot with a thin piece of cardstock or matt board cut & glued into the side of the slot. That’s quick but thicker acrylic allows you to etch deeper which gives you more light refraction which looks better.

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After an hour engrave, I discovered I had the wrong setting. I lost a lot of detail.


Really? It still looks SWEET! I love it!