Led Info Panel! 😊

Here we go!

A LED info panel for a barber shop!

He really liked it. :slight_smile:


It looks great! I can see why the barber liked it!


Very well done. More local businesses should do this what with the importance of using social media to help their visibility. (Us old timers need reminded sometimes) :sunglasses:

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Did you make the LED strip and stuff inside the box or just cover over one that had a cover, or…

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Looks great! :grinning:

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I’ve just covered the round black one!

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PS.: And I did it to fit it just right so now, when you press the wood, it works as if you are pressing the button! really nice!


I’m sure he was wowed! Nothing like some LED lights and acrylic to brighten up someone’s world!

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may i ask where you got the LED round that you mentioned above?

Ebay! But it seems they’ve finished as I tried to buy for a friend! (UK)

whats the actual name of it?

was this it?

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That’s the one!

15 Colors Black 3W DC5V LED Lamp Night Light Base + USB Cable+Remote Control UK

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so I created a few with those LED light pucks & my signs aren’t as lit up as yours came out. I’m not sure what Im doing wrong? any suggestions?

Can you post a pic of yours ? So I can see if it’s because of how you cut it ?

sadly, I didn’t take a pic before I shipped it out to my boss. but suffice it to say, it only really lit up towards the bottom on a sign that was 12.5" tall. I have since made the signs shorter & also carved a solid frame around my graphics to help the light go all the way around the sign

~Thank You,

Suzanne Lugano



The only thing I would assume it is incorrect on your design would be the length of the part of the design inside the base! Was it big enough to be touching the leds? If yes, would be nice to see a screenshot of the design. You don’t need to send the design and I’m not asking any design to be sent! It’s just a matter of clarification! :blush: thanks!

I did not take a pic before I mailed it out, so I do not have a pic to share with you. I don’t care if you see my designs, lol! Not sure why you assumed that, lol


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The way to get more even lighting is to make the engrave get deeper as it goes up the piece. That way the lowest parts don’t defract all the light. You can break it up into 3 or 4 sections and use either more power, slower speeds or more passes for each part as you go up the workpiece.

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I always do one pass in acrylic (as I did on mine) with around 80 pew and maximum speed.
You don’t want to go slower as it can damage the acrylic if too slow! Also, you can defocus a little bit so it gets a bit smoother instead of seeing the lines… I used 90 lpi which isn’t high res as mine was only texts. :slight_smile: