LED Lamp finally completed

LED Lamp Video - click for youtube video

Another project completed, this one just for me. I’ve been messing around with this lamp for a long time, finally got all the pieces to make it work the way I had envisioned. The whole thing is maybe 15 inches tall, and the diffuser is 3d printed using translucent PLA. The base it cut from proof grade walnut on the glowforge, with internal supports and venting to help keep it cool. Internally it’s got a 1 meter long RGB LED strip driven by a Pixelblaze board, with a simple button to cycle the lighting patterns…and for bonus points, you can control it from your phone when connected to the wifi in my house. :slight_smile:

Watch the video up top for better view.


It’s really beautiful. I’m especially fond of lighting and have also been working for some time on a lamp of my own. Mine is similar in shape, but made entirely out of Proofgrade and thick clear acrylic. I can very much appreciate the amount of time that it took you to complete yours. Hopefully, I’ll be posting mine sooner than later. Thanks so much for sharing your creation.

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Nice design. Very original.:sunglasses:


The base looks really good. I’ve loved that lamp since I first saw it on Thingiverse (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:584714). I printed mine long before the GF showed up (got very lucky – I ended with only about 2 feet of filament left!) and made a base out of some padauk scraps with a coil of remote controlled RGB LEDs up the center. Makes a great night light for my son.

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