LED strips cheap!

I picked up a couple of these today. USB powered, remote control, and $4.88!

Worth noting: Color-not fantastic. Conformal coated. I cut mine to make a backlight array. The conformal coating will peel off clean so you can solder the strips.
“3M” adhesive backing.


Where did you get these?:grin:


Yes! They were in an isle display at Wal-Mart. Good catch. I forgot to mention that!!

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That’s super cheap! You said color is not great. How is the white?

I would say Bluish. There is no separate white LED like the more expensive ones. But, $5…

Yeah, for $5, it’s worth trying them out.

Here’s what I made with it.
I cut the strips into 6 equal lengths then soldered them in an array to create the backlight. I cut a piece of fluorescent light diffuser and set it 2.5 inches from the array, then cut the grille pattern out of 1/8 Luan.