Leg supports for my heavy figure


Created some acrylic leg supports because this figure kept toppling over at the joints giving way.


…and just like that. Another major problem plaguing mankind solved by some ingenuity, @mbernal and @dan and the Glowforge. :sunglasses:

Good job!


Looks like a great fix! :grinning:


I was about to say I could use some support like this until I saw the poor Alien’s support. Ouch!

Nice practical spolution.


Yes but remember it’s an alien. The essential body parts might be in different places.


And here I was thinking you had something to give leg relief for the “thick and hearty”*

  • you can buy thin crackers but nobody sells fat crackers. Fatty soups, or diet killing burgers are called not fat but “thick and hearty” so when the doctor wants to know my body mass index I tell him “thick and hearty”


What great solutions! I’ll have to park these in my mind somewhere for when I can finally release all my figures again!


Great thinking! Well done!