Legends of Elsewhere - Arena Battle Game

Hi Everyone! So, my son absolutely loved all of his Legends, but the fascination was short lived simply by virtue of the “well, what do you DO with them” question. So, I had to come up with a way to “play” with them, and he loves doing pretend boss battles, so the Legends Battle Arena was born.

The VS symbol has a piece on the back that has a slight flange so it just sits on the two cards. The feet have scoops in the front to hold a dry erase pen and an extra slot in the back to hold the 1/8" acrylic dry erase board, which is reverse engraved on the back side. The eraser block is three layers with self-adhesive felt on the bottom, but no integrated “holding spot” for that.

Each of us selects a character card from the collection, we do our pretend “Boss Battle”, but we do it more D&D/board game style. Gets him not only practicing the math, but also practicing descriptive story telling and kick-starting the empathy gears by getting him to think how the character would think. Physical traits or abilities don’t matter, as it is up to fate, so there’s also no hard feelings about losing. Starting health can be whatever, giving flexibility for duration, etc. And he’s always jumping up and running around from board games anyway, so he’s more then welcome to act it all out (but we all know I’ll break something if I try doing that!) Haven’t played it yet, it’ll be his surprise when he gets home from school today.

Thanks for stopping by and until next creation, Happy Lasering!


I think it’s wonderful all that you have done with these cards, and now the game. Having all the various characters interact should be quite interesting, since there are so many different ones from different categories, especially if you do a “blind draw” to pick your character. After all, you don’t want to get stuck in a rut using the same favorite over and over. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to hear of your son’s reaction to the new game!


These are awesome, now to add a game is just spectacular:-)

Ohmygosh, now you are a legendary game designer! I’m glad you found a way to put all those amazing cards to use.


[quote=“cynd11, post:4, topic:97077, full:true”]
Ohmygosh, now you are a legendary game designer! [/quote]

It’s funny you should say that, because my other big project that’s going to pull me away from Legends for a bit is an actual board game. He says to me a few weeks ago, he says “Daddy…I’d REALLY like a real life Plants VS Zombies game. Maybe you could use your laser machine to make us something fun to play.” Of course, I couldn’t say no to that. So I’m working on something that’s got the secrecy and strategy aspect of good ol’ Stratego, but with movement and ability mechanics from the PvZ game. sigh lots of pieces, double sided engraving, I might lose my mind in the process, but wish me luck!


Since I’m not a gamer, I have no idea what those games are, but am excited to see what you end up with, so you’d better post your finished product!! Just remember, one piece at a time will get it done. :slight_smile:

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