Legends of Elsewhere - Dick Tracy

HI everyone! After Boba Fett turned out so good and “comic-stripy” I thought about giving Dick Tracy the Legends treatment, and I’m generally not disappointed. My forge did have a hiccup and thought that it needed to a close a path that it didn’t need to (even though I used the same template I always use). It etched a line through the top layer and I didn’t really want to re-make it. It’s decent enough that for me, I can ignore it. I may remake it later if I decide to go back and “remaster” it, but other Legends are awaiting their turn…

After all, it still serves its purpose of bringing back the memories of 5-year old me running around in my Dick Tracy underwear, chasing after Flat-Top and radioing statuses back to the non-existent police station on my super-cool pretend wristwatch communicator! And that’s the point of making these, is for all the feels they bring back.

Thanks for checking it out and until next creation, Happy Lasering!


I love this! I call my Apple Watch my Dick Tracey watch. I used to read the comics in the newspaper when I was a kid.


Another great one!

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Very nice job!

And now we actually have those watches available!