Legends of Elsewhere - Dracarys Eschutcheon (with file!)

Had a small scrap piece that was a little too big to toss, so I had to come up with something small. Hadn’t done anything Game of Thrones yet, and I found this cool image of the dragons that I thought would make a really cool button frame for the GF, combined with the command for “breath fire” I felt made it quite suiting.

It’s three layers, the bottom layer fits quite snugly around the silver ring. The fit is practically perfect, if not maybe a little too snug (hard to get it off once it’s pushed down on over it) but better that than loose I think. Since it did come out so perfect, I figured I’d go ahead and share this one if anyone else wants to make one for their forge (hopefully, I’ve never uploaded a file before so I hope I did it right)

Dracarys Escutcheon

Thanks for stopping and looking, enjoy and post if you make one! Do be careful though, you can push the button just fine through the hole, but that top dragon will bite you if you aren’t careful, so show the dragons the respect they deserve. And until next creation, Happy Forging!


This looks great! Nice of you to share. Thanks!


Thanks, great share. Your stuff is so creative!


That’s such a clever idea, thank you for sharing :grin:

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Very nice! Thank you!

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Sweeeet! :fire:

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Lovely Escutcheon! Nice job.

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Thank you so much!! im in love with this!!! Have been wanting to put a cool button frame on forever but haven’t found one that Ive love till now!!

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Hi!! I have no idea how to download the free files onto my computer and or glow forge…how do I get them? I apologize for my ignorance…I’m trying to learn. Sorry :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I don’t really know either! But, I do find that if I right click on that image and Open in New Tab, I’m prompted whether I want to open it in Inkscape or in a browser. That, or right click and “save image as” gives me the option to save as an svg.

That’s the way :slight_smile:

No other secret to it. They don’t have a button or something like you might expect.

Thank you!!! You are a wonderful help!!!