Legends of Elsewhere - Ezio / Assassin's Creed

Hi everyone! So this morning, I finished Ezio Auditore da Firenze from the Assassin’s Creed series. I enjoy them all, but something about Ezio always stuck with me (gotta be the whole Italian Renaissance feel). Not only is he (or any of the assassins) the quintessential embodiment of stealth and surgical precision, but the creed itself is a great reminder that we are only restricted by the limitations we place on ourselves.

Contrary to what could be perceived on the surface (aka “do whatever you want”), the unspoken essence of the phrase is that we are free to be the architects of our own fate, but like ripples in the water, we are not free from the consequences of the stones we choose to cast. Understand that we are free to move and do as we see fit, but that what comes next as a result must be met and accepted.

Thank you for looking and until next creation, happy forging!


Great message with that one.


This one looks awesome too!