Legends of Elsewhere - Oz/Emerald City Trinket Box

So I decided to try something a little different and integrated the Legends theme in to a trinket box. Kept the lid to just two layers thick instead of my normal 3, so it did loose some of the dimension that I love so much about the cards, but I think it still worked well as a window in to another world. Inner dims are just over 3x2x1, perfect for a stack of wallet-sized photos, etc.

Thanks for stopping by, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Very cute! I love the paint job!



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Love this but Toto is missing


I love the beams on the ends - it makes it look like a traveling trunk!


I pretend Toto is clutched to her chest and since she’s facing away, we just can’t see him :wink:


I really like the pale aged look to the overall color. Are you just thinning the dye? It seems almost textured.


Thank you, and no, just a wide selection of markers and thoughtful color selection, I have to be aware of how much the ink darkens on the mdf, a little colored pencil for the white and brighter colors that don’t marker well. I always have a scrap piece near by to test on.

I do get some interesting effects when I play around with layering, certain colors get darker with a second coat, and blending strokes on the bigger areas is tricky. All the gray is 2 coats and turned out pretty even, but the bushes and sky are only coat, and you can see the variation in color where there was stroke overlap.

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Another great success!!

That is exactly what I was talking about. I just didn’t know how to put it in words.

Is that what is causing that “textured” look? I really like how the box color turned out.

There is something very exciting about opening a box like this. I’m also a fan of the grey.

No, the white is only on her shirt, the only other colored pencil I used was her legs and dress. The rest is plain ol’ Crayola washable marker or Sharpies. The speckling in the grey is just the natural brown of the draftboard showing through two coats of gray marker.

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Wow. I never knew draftboard could look so good with just being colored by markers! I will have to give that a try the next time I use draftboard.

Love the image, and that’s a very cool box design!

Very cool! :heart: