Legends of Elsewhere set 4 - Ghostbusters

Hi Everybody! After wrapping up the first 3 sets of video game characters in my Legends of Elsewhere collection for my son, I decided I wanted to design something to gift to our friends, who are not only big Ghostbusters fans, but they’ve built their own proton packs and outfits, and participate in many of the children’s fundraisers around here.

So I felt it only fitting that I design a special 2-card holder for a pair of the most iconic legends from the Ghostbusters franchise; Slimer, hanging out in front of the famous Hook and Ladder Firehouse, and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, lumbering his angry cuteness through the streets of New York. The holder features the Ghostbusters logo layered over a New York City skyline silhouette.

Thank you, enjoy, and stay tuned for more!


Your friends are going to love them! Great job on these!

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Who doesn’t love ghost busters.

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I was mr. stay Puft a few years ago for Halloween, took a 8’ yard inflatable and converted it into a costume

(yes, I am inside it)


Wow this is my favourite one yet, I’m sure they will love it!

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Mr StayPuff would never hurt us…



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These are cool. I’m sure they will enjoy them.

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