Legends of Elsewhere - Set 7

Hi Everybody! So, I have a very random set of Legends I’ve been doing here and there but didn’t want to post individually. Barbie and James Dean are gifts for people. Dean, of course, is not of “Elsewhere,” but sometimes being an “Elsehwhen” Legend is just as good.

The Minions and Baymax have joined the roster of Arena Battle contestants (which, my son loves playing, by the way, and like the true gamer-in-training that he is, immediately started coming up with ideas for super abilities that do double crit damage, etc.)

Thanks for stopping by, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Another awesome group. I can just hear the Minions!! :rofl:

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I love Baymax! I can hear him in my head when I picture the fist bump.


Baymax for the win

Just add a thumb and you can convert James Dean into The Fonz for another one. “Aaaayyyy!”

These are great! Your posts are always enjoyed!

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