Legends of Elsewhere - Sylvanas Windrunner

Good morning GF community! I have another stand-alone Legend that probably won’t be part of a “set.” I haven’t played World of Warcraft in a few years, but Sylvanas was the Horde Warchief when I left, and Horde Warchief she will always stay, in my mind.

But, my favorite era in World of Warcraft was the Wrath of the Lich King days, before she was Warchief. Enslaved by the Lich King as an Undead, she found the strength to embrace what she had become, broke free of her captor’s grasp, established a thriving foothold of Forsaken in the ruins 'neath Lordaeron, and although she sees the value in alliances of convenience, she will blight-bomb Alliance and Horde alike if they are in the way of her revenge. OH, how I long to storm Icecrown Citadel again!

Alas, I digress. Until next creation, thank you for looking and happy lasering!


Well done!


Your Legends of Elsewhere series is just so wonderful! The designs are unique and so well executed. I’d think you would have enough for a museum by now.


Really nice work!!


Still great!


Oh yes! The whole Legends of Elsewhere series is fabulous!!

I do miss the heyday of WoW, 2004-2008. Made some lifelong friends in the game back then. I hear they’ve got it in a pretty good state again these days, but I don’t have the time and energy for an MMO any more.