Legends - Transformers Brick

I was working on an idea for a while that used a key with gear teeth that would engage gears to move the locking pins, but I was at a loss for what to do for a theme. In another post, another user mentioned Transformers, and although I have done Optimus, I knew I wasn’t done with them yet. Seeing as how Transformers is all about there being “more than meets the eye,” this one has lots of hidden goodies and movement (might be my last complicated one for a while, I kind of broke my brain with this one).

The brick itself is a total of 15 layers thick, 7 on the bottom, and 8 on the top (including the silver treads and red plaque.

Step one to open it up is to pull out the center silver tread from the lid, which serves as the key. The emblem on the key is a split Decepticon/Autobot emblem. Pushing the key in to the slot on the 4th layer unlocks the box and allows it open, revealing Megatron and Optimus going head to head, while Starscream and Bumblebee watching, with a floating Energon cube.

The key also unlocked little ‘wings’ in layer 2 which slide out, revealing the Decepticon emblem on the left, with DC written in the Language of the Primes, while the Autobot emblem with AB written comes out from the right.

Lastly, when the Energon cube is shifted slightly up, it pops out wings in the lid (layers 11 and 12) which fold out, revealing Soundwave backing up the Decepticons, and Ironhide rounding out the Autobot team.

And then everything closes up in reverse!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Wow! You’ll soon be on to full blown puzzle boxes at this rate! This is fantastic! Running out of superlatives for your work :smiley:


Wow - you have outdone yourself!

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Amazing! Thanks for this. Not only your laser skills but also the paint skills.

Till all are one


Looks fabulous!

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I love that you went with the spirit of the Transformers in your design. It’s such a nice touch.

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Ohmygosh. Your creations are getting close to “The Room” puzzle box quality.

Here’s another creation by a fellow forger for inspiration:


Excellent, as always!

That’s insane! well beyond my abilities (and my patience and fortitude) but certainly gave me some thoughts for elements on smaller projects! That’s just crazy!

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This one tops the list of my favorite works you’ve done so far. Keep it up and as always, thanks for sharing your work.

What can I say, but amazing!

Really nice work!

great concept, great execution… and it doesn’t hurt that I love the content too!