Lego display stand

My son got a ton of Lego minifigs for Christmas from relatives, so I designed and built this little shelf to hold (many of) them that he can put on display in his room.

The pieces fit together with little tabs on the ends sticking into holes cut on the other surface. It’s all cut out of PG maple plywood.

The trickiest part was the trial-and-error to make the holes and tabs the right size for a tight, but not impossible, fit. The laser seems to take away 0.15mm on either side of the cut line. (Does that match others’ experiences?)

At any rate, I got something that tapped together with a small mallet and is holding up without any glue. It helps that the minifigs don’t weigh very much!

I’m proud of this being my first custom design of a “useful” object (in the past I’ve just embellished designs). I did it entirely in Inkscape, and would be happy to share the file if anyone is interested. I’m definitely getting a lot more comfortable with vector path operations.


This is genius, looks great! Love it and I’m sure your son does too.

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Great display and cool collection! :grinning:

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Yup, I’m using that value for kerf compensation when generating boxes and that gives a nice fit but no so tight.


Great project :sunglasses:

Very nice! I really like that the shelves keep them up off the floor and tidily displayed but at a height still accessible for your son.

edit: or are they sitting on a desk? After I looked again I thought I might’ve gotten the scale wrong. . . either way, still well done!

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I love the floating shelf look.

I need to make something like this!

Yes, please share the file :slight_smile:

I use 0.206mm for a full kerf, so about there, yeah.

Yep. Pretty close to my .078 inch kerf (for those of us on US measurement systems :slight_smile: )

Here’s the file!

double plywood shelf


Nice! you definitely get the best parent award for today!

This is amazing and delightful! I need to make this for a friend of mine. :smiley: Thanks for sharing.

I would need about 40 of those to display my collection…lmao
Nice display. :laughing:

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Wow! Your son must be thrilled! Awesome display … And awesome collection!

I’ve been meaning to find time to make minifig/art toy stands to maximize the space in my display cabinet. I had been thinking cubes, but I like your open air design a lot… it uses way less material! Thanks for posting the design, I’ll probably start there and modify a bit (gonna need to be clear acrylic to let as much light as possible through to the lower shelves).

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That sounds great! I hope you post pics when it’s done.

Besides any design changes, I’d assume you’d need to tweak the holes both
for differences in material height and what I’d assume is a reduced about
of compressibility of plastic over wood.


Very nice!!!

Brilliant design! I may try to scale this up as a Pinewood Derby car display!