Lego Journal



This would have been so much easier with a laser. With the Glowforge I could have traced the legos to cut holes for them, and I could have made it from wood instead of bookboard. Full instructions here.


This Lego journal is super fun. You make wonderful things. Thanks for the Instructables link!


Awesome design AND step-by-step instruction?!
Holy heck! You’re my frickin’ hero! WOW!
Where have you been all this time?!


Thanks! Honestly, I’ve just arrived because I didn’t really want to lurk on a forum for a laser I wouldn’t have anytime soon. It was depressing. Now that production units are shipping, it’s less depressing and I’m ready to share.


I can understand that. But I hope you’ll fine there’s an awful lot of talented and smart people here. I’ve learned tons from them over the past months. WELCOME!!! I’ll say it again, I can’t wait until you get your Glowforge to see what magic you’ll wield! And thanks SO much for sharing!


Wow! Longtime bookbinder here and very impressed. Looks like you got nice clean embeds within the bookcloth, which can be really hard. Those are some nice edges! I’d rave more specifically but currently suffering from babylapsy (multiple parts paralyzed by having a baby sleeping on them. See: catalapsy, i.e. cat-on-lap paralysis).


Thanks. Those embedded pieces were particularly difficult with a boxcutter considering the depth I needed. I would never want to do it again. Until I get my laser that is.


I really appreciate the wonderful projects you’ve been posting here lately!


@brooklyntonia - I LOVE all of your projects that you are sharing! :grin:


‘Lego’ or ‘Lego blocks’ :wink:


Neither. They’re “LEGO® bricks.” :wink:

But I’m still calling my laser cutter a Glowforge.
I’m still calling my cotton swabs Q-Tips.
I’m still calling my waffles Eggos.
I’m still calling my adhesive bandages Band-Aids.
And… I’m still calling my LEGO® bricks… Legos.