Lego Kinetic Sculptures



I really look forward to being able to replicate things like this in wood or acrylic rather than having to spend the big $ on the necessary Lego. Can’t wait! Such fascinating work.


Just need to add a hill and a cog-railway-style track for Sisyphus to go up and down.


You just inadvertently added hours of internet reading to my day… Disney Research Labs… wow.


This is amazing. I have an unhealthy obsession with Lego


Yeah, I have been looking for the program that they used in this video for a while now


Thats incredible.




What a great find! That is really really neat.


That is awesome! Add some automatons to the list of things to make…

For inspiration, Google Jaquet Droz - writer, for an example of one of the most impressive machines ever made (without a computer) :wink:



Does Disney offer the software?


really impressive


Super cool stuff! How talented! That software looks pretty amazing, is it publicly available I wonder?


Sadly, no they don’t.


Wow I could make a hardwood Lego Train. Insane!!


Too much…I gotta go with you on this…making that with my GF will be AWESOOOOOOOOOME .


Adam Savage and Norman Chan (@norman (fellow Glowforge owner)) build that Lego model on their YouTube channel, Tested. Here’s the video, for anyone who wants to warch it…


Disney Research has many amazing projects that you could waste a day going through and a lifetime pining over. They never release any of them.

Here’s that one in greater detail.


The boxilization one is also very interesting. more for maybe a 3d printer than laser cutter, but would be so nice to be able to do.


Here is an amazing lego 3d sculpture !! Would really have to think outside the box to create this !!