Lego MiniFig Stand

My husband and I have just gotten into building Lego kits. I never realized how fun they could be, and all the little “Easter eggs” that get hidden within the builds. One of the sets we purchased is “The Orient Express.”


I’d made the windmill a couple years ago and it was just sitting on a shelf. So I added the green land, grasses and animals. And we needed something in that corner by the train, so farm set met Orient Express. Now admittedly, I know nothing about the Orient Express and the terrain it traveled through, but at least in Tennessee it passed our farm! :rofl: And we have a little farmer MiniFig that’s on there now that wasn’t when I took the pic.

And then we decided we needed a way for the little characters to stand without falling over whenever we need to move them to dust and we wanted to see them and not have them hidden in train. But the MiniFigs don’t come with stands, and yes, while we could order some, I realized I could make some on my GF instead! And I’m impatient so I wanted some NOW! And I’m happy to say it worked! Making them out of clear acrylic is also nice because no matter what they’re standing on, you can see the color underneath. And I’m planning on making a train platform

Here’s one of them.


Although simple to make (and I’ve thought about submitting them to the catalog, but don’t know if they’d be something anyone else would want), I may still need to tweak them a bit because they’re a little hard to get them on, but once they’re on, they’re good.


Nice choice of acrylic, that shade of green seems to go really well with everything else in the “scene”. Everything about it looks great!


Looks like a success project. Awesome work


We play a lot of Legos with our grandchildren. Nice job.


Great idea, why buy when you can make!!


I love legos. Most of my mini-figs already came with stands. I have well over 100 Lego Dimensions figures. Each stand is NFC and when you put the character/base on a platform, they enter the video game. It’s all the rage, or so the kids say. 0:)


Thanks everyone!


Cute setup! And the stands are water repellent so you could submerge them in water to get the dust off if you wanted.

I just did my first Lego recently—a nano scale alligator—and it was fun.


I have now finished a cobblestone railroad platform. Thanks much @brokendrum for sharing the cobblestone patterns a while back! I knew I’d use it for something! I used the “complex” pattern, changed the shape of it, and made it into 3 sections that hook together. I prepainted draftboard using two different grays. Well, one section had 3 grays because the first board I made didn’t cut through and my GF didn’t want to play nice, and when I made the replacement board, I colored it wrong. It’s 46 inches long, just like the track for the train. I’m sure I could’ve made it look a little better where they connect, but oh well, we’re happy with it, and the minifigs now have a designated place to stand. :slight_smile: