LEGO Spaceship Earth (Epcot) custom exterior tiles

I created these custom tile elements using clear acrylic on a Glowforge laser printer and shaped them to snap into place on the outer structure. Spaceship Earth triangle tiles are unique and need to reflect the light a certain way. One side of the model is as it looks from the outside of the geodesic sphere and the other side shows the rotating scenes inside. Please vote on LEGO Ideas at the link below to support this project…10,000 supporters could possibly make this a real LEGO set!

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Whoa! That’s cool! :grinning:

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Stunning! So pretty!

Whaaaaaaaat! I didn’t even know an outer cut with an inner score? engrave? could fold to make such a shape!!! Living and learning from the best in this forum!!!

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Pretty damn epic and amazing. Off to vote I go.

That’s super cool and innovative. Nicely done.

What kind of “acrylic” did you use? Regular cast and extruded acrylic is brittle. Was this impact-resistant acrylic?

That’s amazing. Now I want one to go with my castle. :wink:

Off to vote and share!

I am speechless

I needed very thin acrylic for this so I ordered 1/16" thick 12" square sheets from Amazon. When I snapped the two score marks I applied acrylic cement with a precision tip bottle into the three grooves. In about 5 seconds it set up enough to hold itself. I used a candle to heat up the prongs enough to bend them down and a lip for them to snap into place. This acrylic has a film mask on both sides…after it was shaped I removed the bottom film to spray paint and then removed the top film after painting.

I think the bottom film helped keep everything together and lined up after snapping the score marks and during cementing.


This needs more than just a :heart: like. it needs a full mind blown emoji. :exploding_head:

Amazing! I’d love to see a closeup of the interior.

Never mind—just saw it on the LEGO website. Even more amazing!