Lemon wedge earrings

Hi -

Does anyone know how to make the lemon earrings that are posted in the catalog here? Is it yellow and clear acrylic and if so how do you combine the 2? Or is it clear acrylic with yellow colored on it? There aren’t any instructions along with the download file.


Did you click on the 3 dots (next to the T)? The directions, if there are any, would show up there.


Interesting that one doesn’t have any instructions - beyond the file names that indicate it’s clear acrylic and yellow acrylic.

I haven’t cut it out - but most likely you glue the yellow pieces into the holes created in the clear pieces - and then glue the yellow edge to the outside.

You can use straight up super-glue, or there is glue specifically for acrylic that won’t glue anything else.

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Thank you! I was thinking the same thing. Do you know of a good technique to apply glue between acrylic pieces where the streaks don’t show through the pieces? Any tips on that?

Definitely use the acrylic cement instead of super glue - it’s water thin and you just put it on the edge of the two pieces and it sucks into the void on its own. There are videos at the link I put above showing you how it works. There’s definitely a skill to it, and you’ll get better with time - luckily when gluing something clear to something not-clear it looks near perfect every time!


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