Lemonade Stand Birthday Party

Hi all! I got my Glowforge a few weeks ago and decided that the best way to get comfortable with designing on my own and cutting new materials was to just jump in with projects for myself. I love going through the posts on here to see what everyone is making so I thought I would share too. Here are my first projects for my daughter’s first birthday. We did a lemonade stand theme. Friends could drive by to wave and get some lemonade or stay and play at the dramatic play lemonade stand. It was a lot of fun!

Sign for the lemonade stand and the “ONE” decorated her high chair for the cake smash.

I worked with felt to cut out these intricate lemon pieces for the little aprons. These were a huge hit.

I cut out all the pattern pieces for the little play lemons. This was such a huge time saver! Plus I got really comfortable with testing settings. It was a win-win. My final settings left just a few strands attached so I could pop them out when I needed them.

Here she is in front of the lemonade stand. You can see a tiny peek of the menu I engraved and painted in the back. That piece didn’t turn out quite how I wanted so I don’t have good pictures of it, haha.

Thank you all for indulging me! I’m so glad to be a part of this community after months of dreaming and saving. It’s a dream come true!


What a fun 1st birthday event. Well done!


That’s the spirit! I think it turned out nicely, in no small part because it was something that was important to you.


This project and these pictures gave me a big smile! She is adorable.


Aww, so cute!


Looks happy and you figured a way to spread the joy.
Great job.

One sad note that i realized after questioning the kids during a photo album session.
If not for the pictures, things done at early ages are forgotten by them even if they are remembered by you.

Only episode really remembered was by the eldest. I had filled the den waist high with half air half helium balloons for his fourth birthday. When you moved into them they would rise and slowly fall back down.
Not a main room so the balloons stayed there until they started to fade. The fact that he spent a few days running around in there probably helped make the memory a keeper.


Thank you so much. This is so true! I definitely can’t remember any of my really early birthday parties. I love planning them so I tell everyone that my kids first few are over the top just for me, ha! I love that I get to choose the theme. That balloon idea sounds like a real winner. I’m definitely going to remember that for future parties!


I totally agree. It was a low stakes way to get started because it was all for me but I still wanted it to look nice. Thank you!

Thank you!

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Adorable is she!


This looks wonderful. Of course it looks even better with that little cutie in front of it!


So cute! So adorable! So perfect! and that’s just the baby!!! :heart_eyes:

The project is awesome too! :heart:


Aw this is just lovely! Happy Birthday Aria!


Great project! New users setting about learning their new machine by practicing and testing is often a sign of how well they’ll do with it, and clearly you’re going to do great things. :slight_smile:


Cute idea and even cuter birthday girl! Welcome to the joys of lasering!


Great job! I haven’t worked with fabric yet; those lemons are adorable. :slight_smile:


Those lemons are wonderful and so is the whole project! Keep on lasering on! Tons more birthdays to go!


Welcome! What a cute, original idea for a first birthday! Your daughter is absolutely precious, what a great smile!


She’s beautiful … and your themed party decor looks wonderful. The Glowforge allows us to do so much more … no matter what the project.


So Cute! Nice idea!!

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