Lenovo N23 13 unit Charging Docking Station

I’ve had to do a few of these and just now got to where I felt they were good/refined enough to share out.

2 sets totaling 26 slots.

Cords are bound and run as a single cable to the powerstrip.


Intended for 8-13 layers of Thick Draftboard to be cut, stacked and then screwed together. The Chromebooks drop into place on an installed charger (Lenovo branded or adjustments will be required)

The bottom plate is flipped so that the engraves for the screw recess are on the correct side.

Power adapters are woven into the bottom plates isolating the plug from damage and tension.

Alternatively acrylic will work but you will want to put in some adjustments for the more brittle material.


The clear acrylic really makes a nice finish. Well done!

that is really cool. now if I just needed to charge up 13 computers…