Lens focal length?

Short focal length lenses are good for engraving. Long focal length lenses are good for cutting thick material. What will be the focal lengths of the two models you will be offering?

Both models of Glowforge comes with a 50mm/2 in lens that’s fixed. We’ve had excellent results with both cutting and engraving at that focal length.

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Is the focal length still 50 mm? Can you state what the F-number is? (I’m curious about spot size and the cone of converging light in terms of material removal.) Thanks!

Still 50mm. I don’t know what the equivalent F-number is.

F number is normally focal length over lens aperture but with a laser I think the lens aperture is irrelevant as long as it is bigger than the unfocused beam. If you use use the unfocused beam diameter as the aperture you would get something like F10.