Lens is not cutting or engraving very FINE, its blurry, thick, and smells

My issue is I cleaned all lenses and now my laser is only printing deep thick blurry lines just like if it did not have the lease in and it was trying to engrave or cut.

Nothing is a fine line or cut.
It is as my sense is not lined up properly…

Ive messed with my settings on each cut and engraving.
Thats not it.


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This sounds very much like the printer lens was inserted back into the machine upside down. You’ll want to make sure that the “cup is up.” I believe the newer lenses also have an arrow on the side of the lens assembly.

If put in upside down, the lens will focus the beam at a different point than the 50mm expected, so your cut lines will be very out of focus.


As pictured in step 5:


Upside-down lens is most common cause, and it’s worth taking time to ensure it is in correctly. It could also be mis-aligned. It snaps cleanly in-place when inserted correctly.

It could also be the mirror on top of the head has not been re-installed correctly.

The last issue could be that the focusing mechanism was damaged when re-installing the lens. It is quite fragile, and should never be “forced”. The lens will snap in place without any pressure from the tool. If you jam it in there, it’s easy to break the focusing mechanism. Not saying that’s the case, but that’s why you need to carefully check everything else.


I did this too, its a human mistake and quicky fixable,
call it a ‘laser life lesson’

also as long as your there make sure the smaller lens are all clean and sparkly!

Oh yeah I should be using this more.

Check out #5:


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