Lens Removal Tool Storage Box

I had to use my lens removal tool today to troubleshoot my :glowforge: issues and thought I would make a box to store the fragile little tool. For those of you who don’t know, the magnet on the tool is fragile, and some people have had theirs arrive already broken. Also, if you get it too close to a neodymium magnet, you can break it too. (I learned that the hard way) I’ve guess I’m lucky to have a couple extra of these tools since I’ve received a few replacement units. (I’ve got 4 pair of sweet :glowforge: glasses too!) I created a little box out of draftboard, with some EVA foam inserts to keep this bad-boy from getting lost and broken, and thought I would share. Nothing fancy, but functional. Enjoy!

Lens Tool Box.zip (7.6 KB)




Very nice. Need to get this on my list of todo’s before it gets broken. Thanks!


I love that but sadly it would probably get lost on my workshop. Too many other little 'things floating around in there already.
I kept mine in the baggy and pushed the baggy onto a nail directly behind the machine.


Excellent practical design. Thanks!


I keep those plastic containers, in this case the ones you get full of blueberries and that has all my alcohol wipes and that lens tool. Another for unused as yet hold down pins.
I have w number of the llarger types full of parts and scrap from specific projects, but the pins and wipes are separate from all that.


Thank you for the file, better safe than sorry.

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Fabulous! Looks fantastic.

Though like Brokendrum, I’d likely lose track of the box! I leave the tool in the baggy, and making use of its own magnet, stick it to the side of a metal wall mounted folder holder/sorter I have near the machine. Not nearly as nice looking as the box, though.


Thank you! I’m happy with how mine is stored … but, with the option of such a nice little box … the box wins!

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I leave mine stuck on the side of the cabinet the GF sits on.

me too, inside the plastic bag so that when I grab it, I’m pulling on the whole assembly instead of just on the blue handle… after the magnet popped off my first lens tool and vanished (presumably still stuck to the cabinet somewhere).
Being slightly more cautious with this second one that came with my replacement forge!


What a good idea. Mine is rolling around my craft drawer.

Looks great!

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Thanks I had to order a new one. I also found out the hard way that they can break, this will come in handy for storage.