Lens Tool

I had just ordered a new lens tool, and the first time I used it, the metal ring stuck to the lens and came off the turquoise base. (I had a heck of a time getting the lens out, & separating the ring from the lens.) I see that the ring has a crack, which must be why it came off.

Has this happened to anyone else, & do you think I can just glue it? Or do you think I’ll need to order (another) new one?


I just took a look at mine, no cracks. If you can find a glue to hold it down, I don’t see why you can’t. I don’t have any experience gluing down magnets cleanly to plastics though. I use E6000 to glue them down when I do, but someone else may have a better suggestion. I’d just be worried about it coming off again and getting stuck in the printer head along with the lens.

When did you order it?

If you just got it recently, you can email support and let them know it’s broken and see what they suggest.


Thanks for your input. You’re right that even with glue it might come off again; not worth the risk. I just received it, so I’ll ask for a replacement. :+1:t3:


The tool, as you discovered is not essential. To remove the lens without the tool just remove the mirror and push the lens down and out with a q tip. Just make sure you catch the lens or that it makes a very soft landing. An uncracked lens is essential.


Regardless the magnet can fall off cracked or not. A judicious use of CA glue will hold it as good as new (new not being perfect either). Having a second one around is not a terrible idea if one gets misplaced as well.


I would glue it. It’s just a magnet attached to a piece of plastic. Like @dklgood said, even if it gets stuck to the lens you can just push it out from the top with something soft. Also let support know you received it cracked and hopefully they will send you a new one.


Same thing happened to me, just make sure you place it back with the same polarity to attract the lens, and add a small drop of superglue.


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