Let it Snow


Snow flakes.pdf (10.4 KB)
Figured i would share some christmas spirit, here are two quick patterns for your last minute gift making.


Nice! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, these are nice


Thank you! I appreciate that the design features some hanging holes.

So, 79 clicks on the file and only 14 likes? Come on, folks, let’s show some appreciation!


Pretty! I really like how you incorporated the hanging holes into the design, so it’s not just one obvious hole. TFS!


Thanks for sharing! I adapted this into a picture frame :slight_smile:

Here is the SVG:
Snowflake Frame


Thanks - nice design.


Wow, gorgeous frame!


Way to help out last minute gift makers! :slight_smile:


I am just glad to help. i figure every time i make a good start point for a project i will just share it on this forum.