Let There Be Sound

He said, “Let there be sound”
There was sound
“Let there be light”
There was light
“Let there be drums”
There was drums
“Let there be guitar”
There was guitar

One of the first things I did when moving everything into the RV was yank out the crackly, flat toned, paper coned, junk speakers. Unfortunately, the speaker covers didn’t fit back on (they were designed for those specific speakers). What kind of malarky is that? They looked like junk anyways… white, plastic.

We can do better. (Even if it’s 4 months later, right?)

Originally, I thought I’d just make some wood covers, stain 'em, and screw em in. But that just seemed kind of basic. Why not try and make everyone at these campgrounds think I’m burning dead things and sacrifice some leather?

A few iterations later, here’s what I came up with.

One is different than the other… I decided to engrave a lip for the leather to flush mount to the surface. One cover has a deep enough engrave - the other doesn’t. It’s a subtle difference, but worth remaking the one for.

Now, to get better at finishing. At both the wood and leather. The leather could probably use a second coat (I used black India Ink). The stain is Mission Oak Minwax PolyShades (3 coats); the third coat really brings a lot of depth to the color, which I liked.


Those are really cool–just hope they don’t alter the sound out of your new speakers much!

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Not too much. They absorb/reflect/whatever a bit of the highs, and amplify the low frequency a bit (almost like a speaker box), but I’m not an audiophile and these aren’t high dollar speakers, that are amplified, etc.




Dang. I should have had the foresight and guts to go fuschia… so I could feel the need to self-flagellate every time I looked up. :wink:


I hope we never do meet IRL, 'cause I’m gonna have to duck! :rofl:


Nice! Pretty soon you’ll have time for your next project: organization! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can’t you tell - that’s what I’m trying to avoid!

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Much better than something purchased!

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Those are awesome. I’m not a fan of @Jules fuschia model though

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What? Nobody likes fuschia?! :smile:


I thought the fuchsia was beautiful. :smile:

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What’s wrong with fusia?

(Personally I’ll go with the original India ink colored…) :slightly_smiling_face:


Fuschia is usually an unintentional result rather than a deliberate choice. Thus the phrase “unforeseeable fuschia.”