Lets make some knobs

I use a lots of Jigs in woodworking and always need a knob with a bolt to hold something in, down or what ever. Usually a lathe and bandsaw job. But I have a laser now!!

So designed it so the handle size is Parametric so you can vary the head of the knob size. The bolt is always 1/4 x 20 hex head. Designed in Fusion360. The design in Fusion in only used to generate a DXF so don’t get confused by the fact that every component is .1 inch thick. You just need the lines. There is a specific sketch that is labeled " 4 dxf out" that has everything in it you need to output.

The 2 parametric items are:
“hor_len” - controls the handle size in inches
“Fillet” - controls the curveyness(?) of the handle

4 layers of Lowes ply .2175 thick for my purposes
top - nice handle shape and has hex cutout for the bolt head.
next - same handle shape but 1/4 hole for bolt shaft
bottom 2 - spacers to hold the handle top out (just comfort)

A little bit of 2P-10 to glue everything into a stack and you are ready to go.

The zip contains:
1 - fusion 360 file
2 - dxf output from fusion for Inkscape
3 - svg out of Inkscape for GF

I welcome comments / improvements

parametric star knob sliced v4.zip (385.6 KB)


Photos don’t load

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Thanks for documenting and sharing the file. Yes. Easy knobs for bolts and nuts is perfect.

Ah. thanks for fixing the link. Great!


Just fixed that

Thanks for this. Once my shop is back together, these will be useful.


I’ve 3d printed and cnc’d knobs but had not thought to forge them. I’ll have to cut a few so I will have done knobs on all types of digi-fab tools.


Haven’t needed knobs, but that doesn’t mean I won’t! Great idea!


Great work and thank you for sharing the file!


Thanks for the files.


Add an engraved wooden face or acrylic and you have a fancy drawer pull.


Yep. Me too. 3d printing just takes so long. As old as I am I’ll forget what I was wanting them for by the time they finish printing. And these can be made out of any old flat scrap.

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Well you know I hadn’t thought about that but that would certainly work for some drawers I’m building in the shop.

Thanks for sharing this! I’ll probably be using it for some woodworking jigs.


Thanks for your generous sharing!

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Neat! Thanks for sharing the files and outlining your process.

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So I’m using bigger bolts, I modified your file and added two new parameters,

threadDia (inches): this is the diameter of the threads. You get this by measuring the width of the threaded part of the bolt.

boltHeadMin (inches): this is the measurement from the face of one side of the bolt head to the other.

Here is a public link to the file: http://a360.co/2piRCzi

Here is a downloadedable Zip file. @benkeller3 created a scketch titled " for dxf output" that is the sketch that you output.

parametric star knob sliced v4 DPMv1 v0.zip (334.2 KB)


Great job. That’s what makes us a community building on each other.

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OK, i needed to make another small knob. I found some problems in my previous file.

This is the best one to use now.

UpdatedKnobParametric.zip (336.4 KB)


Very nice, thanks for the share.

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I couldn’t open this file. It ends on f3d