Lets talk about Spare parts from the GF shop

Not sure what you want to call this (talk, tips, info, awarenesses, thoughts, etc) so I decided to just put it into everything else category. If you ever plan on ordering parts from the store and was wondering how they were shipped or what to expect, I made a video on this. If you have 5 mins it might be worth the watch if you think you will get some in the future but if you’re not going to you might want to pass on it, this won’t be a video ideal for everyone. I just decided to take the time to make a video on it based on a few odd things I have see in that past with shipping (heard and seen photos of someone getting the wrong parts, etc), so I ordered one of each item that I seen myself maybe needing down the line to test it and see how it was shipped. To sum it up I would like to see the lens have a small box or at least individually wrapped and not all clumped together for potential to have lens scratched.

Again, this isn’t the most exciting video of all time, but I thought it was potentially good/important info to get out and help someone out to know what to expect.


I ordered a spare lens and received it without a problem. I disagree that additional packaging is necessary because I have not seen posts here stating that parts are arriving damaged. I think a box is overkill. Excess packaging is one of my pet peeves as I think it contributes to unnecessary waste.

As for the glass green acrylic, I suspect getting something you didn’t intend to order may be a happy mistake. I think it is one of the nicest Proofgrade items and it is currently sold out so I believe others like it as well.

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Yea I totally understand, this is just the more you know kinda heads up video. I was just thinking of a different way for multiple items purchased at once. All of mine was clumped in one sheet and could be a potential issue. Honestly probably wouldn’t even be an issue like this either if there was just one extra foam sheet on the laser head lens like they did the others cuz the scratch on the bag of the uncovered one was what my concerns were at first glance.

As far as the green glass I did want that, and I thought I was ordering medium instead of thick but that was my fault, I probably didn’t pay attention when ordering. No big issue just one of those oops moments.

I hope this isn’t taken as me being disappointed or mad or something (not at all). It was more to try and help others if possible and brain storm ideas. Thank you for your input. I do agree maybe boxes don’t need to be added. Just that thin small foam sheet wrap on that one extra lens might be nice.

I could be mistaken, but I don’t think the glass green comes in medium…but only the thick.

Yea that might be why I was mistaken. Totally an oops moment but I’ll still use this up. I wanted to try it regardless. It looks cool

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It IS cool. I’m stocked way up on it now…which is probably a contributing factor to the shop being out of stock. :no_mouth:


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