Letter B

Anybody know what font this might be? Hoping for a cleaner look.
Thanks Steve


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That’s tough. Have you tried font searchers, like what the font?

This may be a one-off ornamental capital too, not a traditional font. Where’d you find it? If it’s on a webpage somewhere you might be able to dig into the html and find out what font it is.


looks really familiar, I feel like I’ve seen it in a Dover book but I’m not finding it.

The serifs and outline/fill remind me of “Carnival” or “Freakshow”, but I’ve not seen it with that scrolling–given its complexity, I don’t expect you’ll find it on any free font site, but one you’ll need to pay to have the rights to use, even for personal use!

It’s in the style of a 16th century hand - and the fact that it’s on graph paper makes me think it’s likely not a full font, but someone’s drawing.

OTOH, that seems like one that would vector really easily…
image LetterB




Looks vintage mermaid-ish to me.

Almost certainly a one-off, hand-drawn. Not a font.

@eflyguy no I have seen some like this before, it might not be a font for automatic type face conversation though it might be a hand drawn font that you have to place the letters where you want them. Sites like freepix have bundles where it’s a “don’t” in name but not one that you can just type and get results from.

Thanks for the input I figured it was worth a try I am cleaning up the vector I have. This was the “Branding” from a wedding planner for a friends wedding. They want a few mementos made for their house.

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