Letter board Worksheet Generator

Can you use emojis also? Might be fun to make a board where the sentences are in emojis.

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:thinking: thats a really interesting idea that I had not considered! On windows I can use windows key + . to insert one and it sort of works. Its not exactly what I was expecting though. I am using the font Railway Dots and it would be up to if that font has implemented the given emoji. It appears it does not implement any of them.

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Perhaps a different? Since it would be all emojis, the text font wouldn’t matter, would it?

Nice… Thanks

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This is nice however when I save as svg my letters dont save with the dashes and I used inkscape. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you

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Hey kflittlejohn! Hmm I’m not sure. Maybe an issue with the font family not loading. If you select the text what font family does it say is used? It should say railway dots. If it doesn’t you could try manually adding it to Inkscape.

@kflittlejohn I am setting up a new computer today and thought of your comment. I tried downloading the svg from my generator and got what you got. It appears the font needs to be installed. I must have installed it on my other machine at somepoint and forgotten about it. You can install Raleway Dots for free by going here : Google Fonts . Once you have downloaded it, open the folder and double click the ttf file. Windows should show a font preview screen with an install button. Once its installed it should show up as expected. Thanks for letting me know!

thanks very helpful