Lettered Desk Adornments

Woohoo! I got the glowforge a little over a month ago and I’ve had a blast experimenting and fusing my love for lettering with laser engraving / cutting.

Here is a shot of some little lettered motivational desk adornments that I’ve been working on this week! So much fun - the glowforge makes me want to make things all day and all night. I created different easels for them to rest on based on their size.


Very nice!

thank you!!

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Very cool! (The “Slay all Day” is a bit unsettling …no serial killers in your family tree are there?) :wink: :smile:

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Hahaha, no serial killers! It’s more about kicking butt throughout the day :slight_smile: and thank you!!


Beautiful!!! :heart_eyes:

thanks so much

Nice! I like the extra border on the back middle, too.

Nice work you did there!

Thanks!! I think in the next round I will beef it up a little bit, but I think overall it’s a cool effect.

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thank you :slight_smile:

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These are great! Bet the co-workers love them.

Can I see what the easel looks like please?


Assembled and flat!


Brilliant. Love this style.

thank you - much appreciated!

Thanks for posting these, even the easels are adorable. You do nice work!