Letterpress & laser cut invitation

Super happy with how this turned out. Letterpress printed invitation and simple laser cut. I set up a jig on the honeycomb and registration still moved a bit from one cut to the next. We did about 150 of these total and I wish the camera didn’t have to scan the material each time because it slows production down considerably. This was my first project and I’m happy with how easy it was to figure out and execute.


Really excellent job. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I really love the design and it came out great.


I LOVE this! :slightly_smiling_face:


How much of an issue was registration?
Could you cut more than one at a time?

No, I’m not sure there would have been room to cut two at a time. The cut was off from print to print and we’d make small adjustments of the artwork on the screen as we saw fit. I know my letterpress registration was exact, it just didn’t seem to cut in the exact same place every time but we’re talking about 1/16 of an inch maybe. I think moving forward I’ll make the registration a little looser so there’s tolerance. For example the hearts weren’t as critical as the outline of the train.

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Do you do your own letterpress? And :+1::+1: for your point about the annoyance of material rescan delay on a production job—especially on a “Pro” machine. :wink:

I do indeed own my own letterpresses. I have 5 of them :open_mouth:


Do you do small commercial jobs? If so send me your contact, as I occasionally buy letterpress jobs for clients.

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Wow! That is so gorgeous. I am sure the couple will be thrilled.

What a cool project … These are awesome!

Wow, this is such a clever design! So whimsical yet clean. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, how very pretty and unique! :grinning: