Letters will score but not engrave

So of course is my daughters graduation and I’ve been working on her present for a week now. I’m using BB 1/8 wood on my glowforge pro. I have some letters I’ve prepped in Inkscape (I’m new to this but I’ve done it before). Then on her gift I wanted to just score the letters to make sure they were positioned where I wanted (scoring went perfect), but now when I go to engrave them NO SETTING I’ve tried will actually engrave the letters over the scored letters. I’ve changed the letters in Inkscape and brought them over to GLOWFORGE and did small engraving tests and that works, but I’m afraid if I move my materials, OR try to bring in a new set of lettering I’ll NEVER be able to match it up to engrave over the scored letters… ANYONE have any suggestions why the original will score but not engrave? I haven’t actually moved ANYTHING yet so it’s not too late to fix the original and do it correct (if thats still possible).

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So to be clear, you cannot change the score operation to an engrave operation? Was this a single line font?


@dklgood makes a good point. The only way we can help you narrow down potential file issues if if we see the file itself… everything else is just going to be a guess on our part.

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