Levitating LED Infinity Mirror

I made a levitating LED Infinity Mirror using Glowforge and Arduino. I’ve never seen anything like it, so having a Glowforge allowed me to quickly prototype and experiment with the idea. I went from from idea to final product in under 3 hours.

Here’s a video of the floating infinity mirror in action:

And here are some pictures and descriptions from the build process:

First, I tested my LEDs (Neopixels) sandwiched between two semi transparent 1/8in acrylic sheets:


Then I designed the box for the LEDs using Autodesk Fusion 360. The box consists of :

  • 2 sheets of semitransparent mirror acrylic cut out as circles
  • 2 sheets of 5mm MDF cut out as rings
  • Aluminum tape holding everything together

This is a rendered model of the box:

I then put the LED strip inside along the inner side of the rings and tested it out with Adafruit Trinket circuit board (Arduino):

Finally, I 3D printed a stand for the box. It is pretty simple and holds circuit and LiPo battery together. I tested 3 different variations to find one more stable than others. Turns out disc base makes the holder very stable:

And finally all put together and floating in the air:


Very cool. Did you make the levitating base as well or did you buy that somewhere?

Fun! The video really gives you the full effect.

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I bought the base on AliExpress. Because of hundreds of different options, it took me a while to narrow down one that I think particularly fits my experiments.

My search lead me to this levitating flower pot base. I took the magnet out of the pot with screwdriver and a hammer: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_A8VNox


Yes, seeing this in person is mind bending. Especially if you have the base covered with something, for example with a mirror :slight_smile: Completely messes with your senses.

Next train down the rabbit hole departs in 15 minutes from track 12!


Very cool!!!

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My brain hurts!

Really an epic project, thanks for sharing it.

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This is so cool!!!