Library Laser designs



Didnt see it posted anywhere but happened upon a site with a few cool designs.
Its in Spanish…I’m a bit rusty so thankful for google translate…lol

The train wine bottle holder and the mini storage truck are pretty cool and Free…however I have not found the directions for assembly yet…
The truck looks fairly straight forward

but the train has lots of parts…lol

Has anyone tried the library laser?

Thank jebus for Google translate. If GF catelog doesn’t get my money, they might get some.


If you need help with something in spanish just let me know :wink:


Did you see any instructions on how to assemble the designs?? Hoping it got lost in translation…lol


You mean the whole world does not speak American? :smiley: Bahahaha!! (sarcasm).


Thanks for sharing! The train is awesome!


People ask me if I speak “Mexican” all the time and I’m not even Latina. LOL

@rodrigobrionesm: Yay! Gracias! I will probably need your help! My Spanish is only conversational level.


Oooh! Great site! :relaxed::+1:


Ooooo, awesome find! That’s an adorable little trunk.


I got the file for the train and there are no instructions. None the less the site made me a little nervous and sure enough it has only been up for a week so be careful with the information you share and even purchasing files. Just thought I’d throw that out there.


Yeah would not purchase files…gave them my wrong birthdate and used my office address…


Nope, I don’t see any instructions on the webpage, let me keep looking.


My pleasure! :blush: