Lid broke off - new glue reccomendations

HELP! My Glowforge lid broke off, as it was never bracketed or screwed on but held on by glue - when I emailed Glowforge directly they said they can’t help (what?!) and to ask in here… Any ideas?

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Hey welcome to the community, sorry we’re meeting you under these circumstances.

There was a recent thread about gluing lids (you’re definitely not the first), here you go:

There’s lots of lid glue advice out there, this is just the most recent to come up here.

Here are some other threads on the matter if you want more advice:


Something in your favor that you might not realize, is that both sides of your lid came loose. I thought it was harder to fix with only one side detached. The forum gives lots of fixes. Good luck.


I have a Aftermarket LID Hinge Repair Bracket, All Metal Construction you can purchase from me. or you can purchase one on Ebay. I will sell mine for $130.00 free shipping.


I have the same problem as you guys, my lid came off the hinge the day it arrives during assembly. I have been trying to figure out how to put it back on but no luck. Any suggestions?

I tried contacting Glowforge support and 3 years still haven’t gotten a response. For the cost of this machine they should have a state of the art technical support team.

Did you ever get your lid fixed? If so what did you use?

Even refurbished machines are warrantied for 30 days so if you contacted them within that first 30 days and have records (emails etc) somebody should still help.

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30 days is not a long warranty for a machine with this kind of price tag


Hi @suncrafts56 Have you still not gotten a response from Glowforge support? We definitely want to make sure we take care of your issue, so please do let me know if you haven’t heard back from Support. Thank you!

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30 days is the warranty on a refurbished machine. a new machine is 12 months.


Hi @suncrafts56 I checked with our Support team and it looked like you reached out in February 2023 about your lid and our team asked for pictures of your machine but the team didn’t hear back. Feel free to reach out again if you would still like to speak to our Support team.

Otherwise there is lots of great advice and tips in Beyond the Manual about what people have done with their lid but note that the advice in this section is unsupported and not reviewed by Glowforge. Thank you!


MY lid just came off!! and I noticed hinges are hard

Can anyone help?

What kind of help do you need? if it’s not covered in this thread already, just ask away. I’ve personally never had to fix my hinge but several of us have, I bet people will have advice.

Also welcome to the forum!