Lid Cable success?

Was wondering how many have successfully solved the ‘open lid’ sensing problem after replacing the black lid cable … since I now am a member of that club. :roll_eyes:


Have you checked for debris in the lip that holds the lid? Sometimes a tiny piece of debris will be in there and I don’t notice it.

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I have. It was an easy fix. Probably the hardest part was getting the adhesive off from the old cable. Up and running in less than 10 minutes.


Not a club I want to be a member of but am anyway. The two sensors sit at the very end of the cables on either side of the lid… When I first installed, the cable on one side and the main connection were not connected correctly and getting them right made everything work much to my flabbergasted happiness.


yes, even pulled the cables to the hall effect switches and tested them with the lid closed using a VOM and they showed to be sensing the magnets properly. I have ordered the lid cable.


A likely cause though not the only one, but one of the few a user can remedy. Was so common at one point that it made sense to purchase the cable as a spare part. Though honestly I would still let Support walk me through the problem tree before replacing it. Assuming I could wait.


If you’ve verified that the sensor/magnet relationship is good, and also confirmed that the black ribbon cable connectors are properly seated and secure in their housings, then the possibility exists that one of your LED light strips has a broken circuit connection in the front door sensor path. If that’s the case, you can order replacement strips which cost about $25.00 each IIRC.

I just recently replaced my lid cable, though the reason for doing so was different than yours. I was finally successful, but had a heck of a hard time getting the clip ends into their proper receptacles…older hands that don’t work as well anymore and a very tight working space. Getting the ends into their slots correctly to make the connection is extremely vital…I had to redo a few times before I got it working.


I am a member of that club as well. Easy fix. That glue is no joke. lol


That’s interesting. The glue is the one thing that I didn’t have any problem with…I just rolled it off like rubber cement from one side of the glass to the other.


I wish I had the same experience as you. took me about 1/2 hour of scraping to get it off.


I am an alumni of this club. Still not even sure why this happens, but it does. I was concerned, but it went ok. I found getting the right side connection connected was the most difficult for some reason. It took a little finagleing, but I got there. ike @xabess, the glue was not any issue. I think this is the least of the worries here. Make sure you line it up well. Make sure you use alot of lighting so you can see. If you have a magnifying glass, use it. Anything to help make it easier. I went so far as to pre-tape the cable where I wanted it, then slowly removed the backing as I went to make sure it was all lined up before sticking it. Not something I want to do again.


Thanks for the tips… it happens because bending metal back and forth will eventually break it. The conductors in the ribbon are copper. It bends at the back every time we open our lids. Design wise the cable must be long enough not to strain too much or it will break sooner. It would make it easier if they made the flex part in the back as a replaceable segment and used larger connectors to grab. Certainly something the designers should look into.


They have made it quite a bit longer that the original,


Success! I have graduated and earned
a black ribbon degree😁

Here are some pictures if or when we get new members…

Highly recommend you use latex gloves to prevent getting any oil on the connector contacts.

When the cable comes off it will leave a gummy adhesive trail…

The thumb nail works well to roll it off, could use a plastic tool, but not metal, it could scratch …

Clean with soft cloth and alcohol

The new cable is longer for the hinge segment, better!

Before inserting the new cable - use can air to clean any possible dust particles

There is a adhesive patch to hold it to the back… insert the cable and close the small black latch

it helps on the LED panel side to put a slight bend in the cable

insert the two on each side and close the tiny black latches - then peel off the backing and stick the cable to the lid

Powered up and all its good! However if you feel uncomfortable doing this, find yourself a good tech guy who works on computers , they change these ribbon cable a lot.


im having the same exact issues even tho. there’s no ware and tar on the ribbon. ive always opened it half way never fully. and even replaced the ribbon says the same exact thing

what was the fix

A new black Lid Cable.


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