Lid hinge

There is no epoxy left on the underside of the glass on front or back. Did get the two wires disconnected and the lid removed and could finally get the hinges back level (closed position) and that’s good enough for now. Short sessions to keep the mood in check. :smiley: So this is progress. Thanks for the assistance! Family [visit] dinner time! (Technically this is vacation.)


Just switched Glowfinger on, having bolted the lid back in place. Nervously closed the lid, waiting for something to happen, but all seems well.
I think the effort needed to close the lid given the high friction of the hinges is part of the design problem. They are obviously meant to hold the lid in the raised position, without danger of it falling on your head, but that in turn stresses the bond between glass and hinge plates.
Personally, I would have gone for a frame around the lid, hinged at the back, and with an integral handle on the front.
A glass insert would then have carried the camera as at present. There is already a white plastic strip that carries the led strips each side, so the configuration of the lid would barely have changed.
Just my 2c worth
John :upside_down_face:


PC-7 is the strongest adhesive I’ve ever seen. Before I had the glass for a shower I built, I used that stuff to glue a curtain rod to a slab of polished marble. When I went to remove it I placed a wood block next to it and popped it a good one with a hammer in a shearing action - it pulled the surface of the stone with it. :no_mouth:

One point is not to squeeze all of it out when assembling, a thin film is all that’s needed. Also, every pic I’ve seen had the epoxy separate from the glass. Sorry I’m late to the thread, but I would also take some sandpaper and rough the surface of the glass for better adhesion.
Has it held for you John?

Design-wise, I think if the lid was drilled before tempering it could just be bolted on like is done with heavy shower doors.


Hi P-T-L,
So far so good. I’ve been using the laser with no problems, so I’m very hopeful.
Yes, I’d agree about roughing the surface, but in my case, I was taking the easy way out, and not disturbing the rest of the assembly.
My method of pushing the paste in with a palette knife seems to have worked.


I had to just leave it at my sister’s house in Arkansas and return to my house in Texas. I have the tools and PC-7 now to try to fix it next trip up. I had forgotten the crumb tray anyway! But at least y’all give me some confidence for the fix.

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