Lid open error. Lid broken

Hey can anyone help with a Lid open error. My lid was broken during a move into my new place. The connector attached to the lid that helps hold the lid flap in place is gone on one side. I don’t know if I’m using the correct terminology. I believe this is the problem but I don’t see any parts to replace it. I’d appreciate any advice or tips


The part that’s broken is what tells the lid that it’s closed…so that definitely needs to be reconnected. That’s not something they consider “user serviceable” so if you reach out to Support they’re likely to offer you a refurbished unit.

Now, if you know how to solder, there are people who have successfully reconnected that…


I think I figured it out. I’m going to replace to led strip on the left side. That should be what I need to connect the lid back


The left side is also where the Lid camera connects and the black ribbon at the other end. You will need a shipping box to send it back and it should have kept your machine better when you moved.

Here’s to better Cake Days in the future.

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I won’t have to send it anywhere. I was able to fix it myself my replacing the led strip. Thank you


YAY! Congrats. I’m thrilled for you :slight_smile: