Lid problems

I’ve seen several people posting about their lid coming un-glued. Mine has also done this.

I don’t see anyone posting what the solution is.

I of course opened a tech support ticket, and they were basically like “Oh, too bad, we can’t tell you what glue to use.”

It’s embarrassing.

You have now opened a second support ticket by posting here, just FYI.

Support can’t tell you what glue to use for liability reasons. Your options are to use the search function to find out what others have done or to return the unit for repair.

E6000 seems to be the go-to glue. You’ll need to remove the lid completely, clean everything, glue it, clamp it, and let it cure. Then cross your fingers. Otherwise it’ll need a trip back to the mothership for repair.

There are a couple of solutions that have been posted.

The first is to ship the unit back for GF to fix. If you’re under warranty that’s the way to go. If you’re not then you can ship it back and they’ll diagnose the problem & provide a repair cost that you can pay and you get it back fixed.

Otherwise you can glue it back yourself. People have had success with E6000 as well as epoxy. You want to make sure you clean all residue from the old glue off and allow it to cure appropriately (E6000 can take 72hrs to fully cure) before using it again.

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That’s fairly stupid, IMO. This is not “Saving a life” glue, it’s a please provide a recommendation.

Wasn’t aware it would open a second ticket, and the support ticket I had open did recommend using this forum.

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There are reasons behind it. For instance, if they aren’t aware of the actual glue used, they can’t tell you. Or if they give you a recommendation and then you aren’t able to successfully use it, they may have some liability.

There are two pinned posts at the top of the Problems and Support section that go over how to contact support and what their troubleshooting processes are. This may be helpful for you to review for future reference.

As I said, I did contact support. They pointed me back here.

Thanks Kanati. Has anyone made a video or walk through that you know about?

I had been led to believe that E6000 is the same as “Goop” but it is not. At least one person who used E6000 reported a failure, but we have no way to know how thoroughly the surfaces were prepared. I suspect a little was just squirted into the gap when one side separated.

If this was to happen to my machine, I would completely remove the lid and clean off the surfaces thoroughly (probably acetone if it’s just metal and glass) then:

  • use Goop, NOT E6000, but that’s because I’ve got extensive experience with Goop. It is a contact adhesive and I would have absolute faith in it for this application.
  • use VHB tape. I also have extensive experience with this. It’s what is used to attach dissimilar materials in automotive and other industries.

I’ve moved this to the appropriate forum for discussing unsupported stuff with regards to the machine. Support will still check in, though, as tickets are created when a thread is started in P&S.

Finally, it’s not embarrassing at all. Support can’t recommend anything because they can’t assume owners are going to repair it as professionally as it should be. Many owners can, many owners can’t. They can’t take responsibility for that.


eflyguy, thank you for the input, and for moving to the forum for unsupported stuff.

As for the embarrassing stuff, for a laser that I had to wait 2 years longer than originally projected, to only own it for 18 months to have a lid come unglued is pretty embarrassing.

To have them say “well, send it in for $295 to fix it” is a bit crap as well.

I have not even used it that much, although I’m not sure how many hours I’ve used this device anyway (can’t seem to find out how much I’ve used it).

To me, saying “hey, here’s a video, do this” is not that hard.


They subsequently reported that it was the other side that failed so they had to take the whole thing apart to clean and reglue.

Fair point.

I think their concerns are legal, and not because they are thinking the lid might fall off and break someone’s foot, but because it contains a laser that could cause permanent eye injury.

For example, it’s legal concerns that prevent us discussing settings for materials other than Proofgrade in any other sub-forum as well…

Someone posted today (Everything Else) I’m So Happy about what a great result they had after sending their machine in for repair of the lid coming loose issue. It is cumbersome to ship, but if you are in warranty it is no doubt the way to go.


Hi @cchipman! The only area of the forum that opens a support ticket is Problems and Support. For help from the community, it’s better to post in Everything Else, or Beyond the Manual if it’s about settings for non-PG materials, modifying your machine, or that sort of thing. :slight_smile:

@eflyguy, I am PRETTY sure that Goop/Shoe Goo and Plumber’s Goop are all the same product. The issue with them is that if the layer of glue is too thick, it tends to stay flexible (which is sometimes a goof thing).

All of this discussion of E6000 has me curious and I think I will get a tube to play with.

BTW, someone earlier mentioned my repair experience on the lid. Other than the poor communications, I am very happy with the repair activity and the quick turn around. For those that are concerned, my snap marks still work and it would appear that they did not replace the lid, as my lid fits the same way that it did before the repair and the camera, etc, are the same. They also appear to have replaced the lid cable, as there is now more slack in the cable.

I love me some VHB tape. I reliably get it to stick to silicone which is impressive. It takes a bit to polymerize and becomes super strong bond, but once it Does it is super tough, and just the right amount of flex to absorb part flex without breaking the seal.

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