LiDAR speed and distance measurement device

I am designing a device which uses LiDAR to count things and also measure distance and speed. It is powered by an Adafruit Trinket Pro and will soon receive an upgrade that enables it to log data to the cloud. The LiDAR module is a LiDAR-Lite v1 that I picked up a few years ago.

I love how easily I can design and build custom enclosures using the GlowForge.

Here are some pictures of my first non-cardboard prototype:


Nice job! :grinning:


Awesome use case!


Especially love the button. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I used this button from Adafruit which sells for $4.95

They also now have a less expensive version which sells for $1.95


I thought it looked familiar!

A lot of stuff like that I order directly from China on eBay. The quality is a crap shoot, and it might take two months to arrive, but for commodity components, it’s hard to beat.

But, I mean, even at $5, you just gotta get that button when your box looks that good.

Very nice. I 3D printed a case (they have a solid model on their site somewhere) but was never really satisfied with it. Maybe a laser version in my future.