Light up marquee letters

We happened to have 2 different sets of bulbs at home that actually fit pretty well.

The first set are battery powered and were removed from a Marque Kit Heart. It had a $4.99 price tag on it but the below link shows $15

The 2nd set of bulbs are electric with a remote. They came with 100 bulbs but we can’t remember where they were purchased and can’t find them online. I have attached a photo of the label as well as how they look installed(partially) on one of the letters.

I just found the link on Amazon.


Just out of curiosity, what do you do with the other 46 ft? I don’t think you’d want the letters all strung together. I see them lit individually in my mind. I like the way these look, and thank you for researching to find the link, but I seriously don’t know what to do to solve the 46’ tail. :rofl:

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I’ve already chimed in about this to support, but nothing more has been said about it.

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did that



Good question! I can only think things through one issue at a time :grinning:

I actually posted the link in case that company also made the same bulbs in a much shorter string. We just happened to have them at home and they fit pretty darn well. The bulbs are about .665" diameter.

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For those looking for lights. The Artskills brand marquee clear lights on amazon, ($10) work. Battery operated and 14 lights per package. They also have a poster set (not sure if they are the same size) that are multi colored, for $15. and a 20 string set clear for $12. Hope this helps everyone.


@ssommerville these guys?



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Thought I’d share some pictures of my build. I went with a string of C7 incandescent bulbs. I was able to wrap the excess wire between the sockets around them which worked out pretty well. This was a test build so the string I used had 12" spacing between bulbs. I have some strings on order which match better in color (brown) and have 6" spacing which will make things easier. I used hot glue to hold the sockets in place. I cut off the sockets that weren’t needed and re-terminated the end of the string with an extension plug to accommodate additional letters.

That said, I will agree this design is a little wonky, and GF is sold out of veneer, so I had to use some from another source and bought larger sheets and cut them down, which hasn’t worked out so great. Of course no sooner had I done that, I finally found some 12x20 sheets with 3M backing on Amazon and so am awaiting those. It’s also a pain to do the veneer inside the letter cutouts and around the curve of the R. And what I used is unfinished and still needs stain. But not bad for a first attempt. I expect my next build will go a little more smoothly.


My frustration with these designs is the lack of instruction. It basically says you need some glue and maybe a mallet for all designs. I just wasted materials and now I can’t find the bulbs. UGH!!!

There are assembly instructions included with each letter.

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I think her point is, you don’t need a mallet for any of it, but you do need the bulbs.


Glue and Mallet like I said. What about the lights? I went to Five Below and found some.

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Found some at Five Below just now. They are called, Room2Room Frosted LED Bulb String Lights. Battery operated. 8 LED Bulbs 6 FT.


Thanks for the resource. I bought the ones @ssommerville posted and they work too.


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