Light up marquee letters

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I downloaded the light up marquee letters from the gallery, but I was wondering what type of lights are used and where I can order them.



In the catalog description of the design the suggestion is fairy lights or led lights. Both options are available from multiple places. Battery operated led Christmas lights, for example. Amazon has lots of fairy light and led string light options.


Moving this to Everything Else, because Made on a Glowforge is for posting photos of what you’ve made.


I understand that, let me rephrase the question. The cutouts are obviously based on a particular control box and size of bulb, I don’t see any information on that. I was wondering if anyone knew the particular ones that it was designed for.


I took a quick look at the design, and the holes for the bulbs appear to be about 2/3 of an inch.
That’s actually pretty small. A quick Amazon search and I couldn’t find anything that seemed suitable.

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I was interested and printed one in cardboard. I ‘think’ the ‘store front’ lights on amazon may be what’s needed but can’t tell. I would be interested in knowing the source for these as well. The pics look like there’s a little ‘bulb’. Fairy lights are typically tiny!


The edge-lit snow globe included some links for where to get appropriate LED strips and connectors. For stuff like this where it’s kinda useless without the lights, I really wish they would always include links to recommended hardware.

Hell, make it a referral link for all I care, I just want to know what’s going to look decent.


I agree!
Those LED strips are nice, but these marquees really need those nice little round bulbs to look right :slight_smile:


Would some C9 E17 lights work?

Just have to find a string for them …

Looks likes there could be a lot of options (if these work).

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After poking at more lightbulbs, I’m inclined to think the hole is just for the base of the bulb, where the bulb would actually stick out – since a lot more things would fit that way.

That said, it doesn’t seem that way in the pictures.

I’m coming to the conclusion that this premium design kinda sucks =P
If I were to try to make this I might use this design for guidance, but I’d probably design it myself for a particular bulb size.

This design would be much better with a bit more detail on how the lighting is intended to work.


I made a cardboard version of one of the letters and must say the holes for the lights are too big for anything other than globe lights of some sort. Chandelier lights (E12) fit the holes, but fairy lights and leds would look funny in my opinion. Making the front of the letter in frosted acrylic without the holes might work, but I kind of share your feelings that this is not a great design.


I had cut one in cardboard too. Unfortunately you can’t ungroup the circles and resize them…

The back letter can be ungrouped and it is the same size with the same assembly points as the front. It would be possible to duplicate that part of the design and either change the light openings or exclude them entirely. Kind of a long run for a short slide, though.


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Thank you! I ‘thought’ i ungrouped one but then pulled it in again (it was the front I pulled back in) and it wouldn’t ungroup so thought I’d lost my mind:-)
Might be able to do some cheaper led lights with just a cut out long rectangle on these…loses the marquee style though.

You might be able to use these lights…

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Those look right - but they’re still too big. Even if the hole fit the base of the light, the bulbs would bump into each other and wouldn’t fit in that layout.

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I wish there was a way to contact the designers to see what they used.


Usually if it was submitted by a user they include the user tag.

This one must be staff created?

@dan do you know what lights are meant to be used with this design?

Maybe a post in P&S is necessary?

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I also found these last night. I thought if they worked just ‘half’ the bulb would stick out. However, they are 1/2 inch and the holes are just a bit too big!


Nice! This looks like the most promising and closest to what may have been used in the original build.